developed by Manufacture 43  |  Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

“A 2D shoot’em up with 3D graphics. You play Axo, pilot of the ship named Chukaru. Chukaru, with its abilities, is unique in the way it has been blessed by the gods.”

“In this world, the Pre-Columbian civilizations, ancient and mysterious to us, never ceased. Their culture spread all over the world.

“Instead of using steam then electricity, they mastered light then gravity. With even the most dense rocks “flying”, they started to build immense structures out of stones. Then they went on building flying mineral ships. Through their technology and their wisdom, they managed to make contact with three ethereal and much more powerful beings.”

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developed by Black Wing Foundation, published by 1C Company |  Platform: Windows


“A story-driven puzzle platformer that draws inspiration from classic 1940s film noir. Detective James Renoir has but a single shot to crack one hell of a case: his own murder!”

“Now a ghost, Renoir possesses a unique ability that allows him to control phantoms around him and use them to solve environmental puzzles. Seeking justice from the shadows, he must tread carefully and avoid light at all costs. James’s ghostly form must backtrack over his last steps in the world of the living, recollecting his memories and searching for the clues that will lead him back to his murderer.”

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developed by Visiontrick Media  |  Platform: Oculus Rift

“An exploratory and sensory VR adventure experienced through a mechanical bird and a lost girl on a journey through a mythical world.

“By the means of your gaze you indirectly guide and manipulate a mechanical creature known as BIRD – which you for yet unknown reasons are attached to. Sailing the winds from vane to vane you explore, traverse and interact with the landscapes of MARE, a serene world lost in time and space, filled with untangled mysteries.”

This is the creation of Rui Guerreiro, a former developer of The Last Guardian and also one of the creative minds behind  Vane (which is still in development by Friend & Foe).  This article/interview on Polygon goes into a lot of depth about how MARE came about, a good read if you’re interested.  Hopefully both Vane and MARE turn out equally great. :)

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The Keeper

developed by Ludic Studio  |  Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

“A side-scrolling survival action game that features boss battles and a combat system focused on combos, executions, defense and counterattacks. Also, it includes passage of time where the scenes switch between day and night.

“By the day, the keeper can hunt, go fishing, cut trees, explore the surroundings of the tower in search of resources and many other things for subsistence. The fights usually take place at night when the creatures of Sin Eater appear.”

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