Sorry that this update is so late, but I’ve actually been staying with family to try and reduce the amount of stuff that I do with my hands. It’s possible that I have entrapped nerves in my hands and arms, so I’m doing nerve glides and therapy at the moment. I am soon going for nerve conduction tests in my hands and hopefully that will shed proper light on what is going on. I feel pretty terrible that I cannot update the site and post more cool stuff, but I will try to update my condition in another two weeks or so. Thanks to everyone who left a comment or sent an email I’ve been reading them but unfortunately not really able to respond.

Thanks again, crossing fingers that something works soon, which I am sure it will. :-)

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A friend

Best wishes!


Oh man, get well soon!


Best wishes.


Go for health first! Get well soon & best wishes


Just wanted to say that I really hope the recovery goes well sir.
Life before internet!
Let us know if there is anything you need help with!