J Makes Games

A collection of games created by jmakesgames, a solo indie developer.  You can visit the website for more, or you can follow jdmakesgames on twitter.

A Journey to Tower

“An exploration-based game where the player can escape to this unusual world with an underlying story of intercepting a mysterious radio message.”  

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Steg and Rex

“A fun, fast paced, beat ‘em up style arcade game designed for two players on one keyboard. Steal each others eggs to win!”

“I’m hoping to bring back the fun, competitive local multiplayer experience you may of had as a kid, with accessible controls which don’t require investing in multiple gamepads.”

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“A minimalist commentary on the dangers of overseas deployment. It’s designed as an approachable game to raise awareness of the unpredictable tragedies that IEDs (Improvised Explosive Device) can deliver.

The game puts you in the boots of a soldier stationed overseas. Follow your compass through a randomly generated minefield of IEDs to return to camp.”

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