Category: Well Designed Game Pages

A collection of game pages that you can use for design inspiration. I collected a lot of them from this page on I apologize for the jittery gifs, my computer was not built for recording. The gifs don’t show everything well, so if you like the look of something please visit the full game page (links in game title).

I’ll keep adding as I find them. If you have any suggestions, tweet @screenshotdaily.

Tanks of Freedom

Unique and fitting art for the description, border, and arrangement of screenshots/gifs.  Description gets to the point.

i (small title name so click here)

Impactful colours and banner, though it’s  a bit too large.  I don’t usually like artsy descriptions but this one for some reason felt right.  Nice header fonts.

Octopus City Blues

Great banner, really weird combination of font colours which fits the game well and is memorable, but also readable.


Page really fits the theme of the game with nice colourful page breaks.


Overall a well designed page that feels very much like the game itself; nice fonts, blended gifs, mysterious text etc.


Just a very functional page.  Straight to the point description, video above the fold.  Though the banner could be a bit smaller.