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Dawn of War 3

So the trailer came out today and I thought I’d try my hand at stablizing footage (since in this shot it’s zooming out all the time).  It didn’t come out too great, but not too terrible either.  Partly because the Eldar is twisting its body slightly which causes a blur in the loop, and partly because the stabilization isn’t perfect causing the gif to look as if it’s “breathing”.

Thought I’d share anyway, full trailer below.

Valkyria Chronicles Remastered, because why not

developed by SEGA  |  Platform: PS4

valkyria chronicles remastered 1valkyria chronicles remastered 2
valkyria chronicles remastered 5valkyria chronicles remastered 3

A turn based strategy mixed with a bunch of RPG mechanics. This is one of my favourite games from the PS3, absolutely loved the story.  If you’re into strategy games I would definitely check it out when it releases.

I was planning to put this up April 1st, just because it seemed like a good day to do whatever, but then I came across that other silly game (NSFW) and thought that was a much better idea.  So no indie games today, tragic.  :(

Back to the regular stuff tomorrow!  Unless another whimsy unicorn possesses me.  Unlikely, I think.

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Wrapping Up

This is the last set of gifs I made from Shangri La in Far Cry 4.  It took a looong time to record (the tiger loved to run in front of the camera, grrr), then edit, and tweak.  It was definitely a lot of fun though.   I’m moving on to doing the same kind of thing in Journey, so if you’re playing with someone that suddenly stops and stares at random things it might be me. :)

The full Shangri La collection is here if you haven’t seen it.