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Unfortunately things are not going too well at the moment, having to go to therapy and take medication for the tendons in my hands. I’ll update again on 14 February although I don’t think I will be posting again so soon. For the people who use your computers a lot, take care of your hands it turns out you use them for everything!

Have to take a break

Hey all, sorry for this but I’m having issues with the tendons in my hands and really need to reduce computer use for a bit to get the swelling down.  This annoys me greatly, but going to stop posting until February 1st (I’ll assess again and see if I have to extend, hopefully not).

Sorry again.  :(

Short break!

Hey all, life is super hectic right now so decided to take the week off of posting as I’m really getting behind on making gifs and don’t want to rush posts without the proper love and affection.  Super sorry, but be back January 2nd for your regular moving picture time.  Happy New Year! =)

Taking a two week break

Well things aren’t too good with my neck/back.  I have to wear a neck brace for a while, and I need to reduce my time on the computer for a bit.  So, I’m not going to update the site until Monday, June 6th.  This really annoys me but hopefully it will be the last time. :(

In the meantime, at least a lot of cool things to show off will be accumulating.  See you then!