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Taking a two week break

Well things aren’t too good with my neck/back.  I have to wear a neck brace for a while, and I need to reduce my time on the computer for a bit.  So, I’m not going to update the site until Monday, June 6th.  This really annoys me but hopefully it will be the last time. :(

In the meantime, at least a lot of cool things to show off will be accumulating.  See you then!

Was on a short break building a new PC


It was a long weekend here so I took a bit of a break from posting to put together a new PC (still have to mount the hard drives).  It’s quite the upgrade from my potato laptop so gif making should be a lot faster.   The case is old so I took it over to my Dad to be repainted because of the rust.

All the wires leading to the front corroded away, so he made a wire coming out of the back with a temporary makeshift power switch.  Of course, since I’m super lazy I’m probably not going to take it back over to get a proper one done.  >.<

It works!

Should be back to posting tomorrow, once nothing explodes.  =)

new year

Happy New Year!  I didn’t think many people would be around today, so no real posts.  I decided to steal a gif from Mazeon, who you should definitely give a follow if you like pixel art.

Thanks for all the support over the last year.  My blog doesn’t exist without awesome game devs and I’m hoping that we’ll keep improving together in 2016.

Stay safe everyone!