developed by Legit Games

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“Glyphs is a 2D open-world fantasy RPG, following the story of Elias as he travels across a variety of treacherous landscapes on a quest to reforge the enchanted relics known as Glyphs and restore order to the land of Eldamir.

“Legend has it that Eldamir, a now peaceful land was once plagued by evil spirits. When the death toll became overwhelming, the six most powerful Elders sacrificed themselves to create the Glyphs and end the chaos. Centuries later, a series of unforeseen events damage the Glyphs; breaking the enchantment they held over the lands, allowing evil to rise again. It is now up to Elias to repair the Glyphs and cleanse the evil from the land of Eldamir before it’s too late.”

Still in early development for PC, Mac, and Linux.

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