Going on a small hiatus

Hey everyone, I messed up my neck a bit and I’ve been trying to soldier through to get posts up, but it’s been a struggle and starting to stress me out a little (getting stuff out everyday).  So I’ve decided it’s better to just take a complete break to get everything settled and then come back when I can focus properly without nagging pain.

I’ve decided to take out two weeks, and hopefully by then everything should be good to go, or at a stage where it’s not a problem at least.

Really sorry for the inconvenience (I really hate having to do this), but hopefully I’ll be able to make it back up with super cool stuff when I get back.

So, I’m setting September 15th as my return date, and I’ll start putting stuff back up at that time (I hope!).

Here are some other cool websites/tumblrs you can check out while I’m gone.

Apologies! >.<