developed by Konstantin Koshutin  |  Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

highfleet 4highfleet 5

“A strategic survival game with arcade air combat.”

Set in a world inspired by Dune, Russian aristocrats take to the skies to battle over precious resources, technology, and to regain lost lands.  You assemble ships by putting together various models.  The developer previously created Hammerfight, which seems to have quite a bit of a cult following.  Highfleet is a spiritual “successor”, but appears to be a prequel.  It’s scheduled to be released later in 2016.

Other than on Twitter, you can follow the development here (which is in Russian).  If there are any errors in the information above, it’s because Google Translate failed me, sorry. >.<

I absolutely love the art, setting, and juiciness of the combat.  Hope this gets the attention it deserves (and turns out to be actually good!)

highfleet 1 highfleet 2

via Adrian K.