Hollow Knight

developed by Team Cherry

A hand animated action adventure game being developed for PC, Mac, Linux, and Wii U (and possible more).  I’m so in love with the art, and I’m definitely a little biased with this post as I backed the game on Kickstarter last year.

 hollow knight art

“As the enigmatic Hollow Knight, players will journey through the depths of Hallownest, a vast and ancient kingdom buried deep underground. Though long fallen to ruin after a dimly-remembered catastrophe, explorers and thieves still brave its dark roads, its caverns and towers, searching for riches and wonders.

“Lately though, something has changed. Villagers and explorers venturing into the caverns have stopped returning. The caverns throb and tremble with a savage energy. A sweet and sickly poison is drifting through the hollows, sending creatures mad with rage and robbing explorers of their memories.”

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via /r/gamedev


Awesome Totoro/Hollow Knight fan art by Super Sini.