Honey Rose: Underdog Fighter Extraordinaire 

developed by Pehesse  |  Platform: Windows


underdog black and whiteunderdog little sununderdog mathunderdoggymunderdog2

“A mix between a visual novel life management sim, and a 2D beat’em all,  with a dose of fantasy luchadores and superhero costumes, entirely hand-drawn and animated.

“The aim is to help Honey, the titular character, balance her life as she needs to juggle between her daytime at university, and her nocturnal fighting persona. She wishes to reach the heights of fame through a fighting tournament, but she has only six month to do so before the tournament is up and her studies take her elsewhere.”

underdog jump

Currently in development for PC, using Contruct 2.  The developer hopes to bring it to other platforms (Vita!), if able.  No set release date, but you can follow the progress over on the TIGForums here (also a lot more to see).

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underdog difficulty

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