Layers of Fear

developed by Bloober Team

layers of fear roomlayers of fear hall

A psychological horror exploring the mind of a troubled painter.  Currently in Early Access on Steam with great reviews.

“Delve deep into the mind of an insane painter and discover the secret of his madness, as you walk through a constantly shifting house.

“Heavily inspired by the masterpiece paintings from the past centuries, and the architecture and décor from the XIX century. Layers of Fear is a truly unique experience, where each move of the camera can change your surroundings.

“Layer by layer uncover the visions, fears and horrors that entwine the protagonist and finish the masterpiece he has strived so long to create.”

“Lady With an Ermine, more than half a millenium old.  

“One of four portraits of women painted by Leonardo da Vinci; oils on a dark wooden panel.  Many believe the ermine implies purity, moderation…but it is almost alien in appearance.  

“Blackish, rat-like, rabid, abhorrent.  It compliments the darkness of the woman’s hollowed eyes.  

“Dark paints like blood mixed with charcoal, drowning and suffocating.  The ugliness beneath the surface, seething, ready to burst like a reeking boil!

“Do you see it now?  Do you see it like I do?”

Great voice acting in the teaser trailer

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