Long Gone Days

developed by Camila Gormaz & Pablo Videla  |  Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

long gone days 1long gone days 3
long gone days 2long gone days 4

“A 2D modern-day character-driven RPG that combines elements from visual novels, shooters and dystopian fiction.

“You take the role as a deserter from an unofficial country, located below the surface of the Earth, and must assemble a team of experts from different parts of the world to prevent the imminent war your homeland is trying to start, dealing with language barriers, planning defense strategies, and learning to work as a team.”

The developers are from Chile and are currently running an IndieGoGo campaign in order to fund the development.  There’s a demo available which contains the first 45 min of the game, which you can download here.

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Some of the gifs made from a let’s play by omegaevolution.

via /r/gamedev