Manifold Garden

developed by William Chyr

“An exploration-puzzle game that imagines a universe with a different set of physical laws.

“Set in an Escher-esque world filled with secrets and mysteries, you utilize a unique gravity-manipulation mechanic to turn walls into floors. Learn to see the world through whole new perspectives as you navigate mindboggling architecture and solve seemingly impossible puzzles.”

Currently in development for PC, Mac, Linux, & PS4, it’s recently gone through a name change (formerly Relativity).  The developer has been experimenting with glitch art, which I thought was really cool.  You can see some examples below, or check out 100 wallpapers on the website.  You’ll be able to make your own in the game in photography mode which allows you to change the shaders and art style.

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via /r/gamedev

The gameplay gifs were made using an older gameplay video on the Playstation blog from E3, things have improved since then, and will improve a lot more by release. :)