Message Quest

developed by Royal Troupe

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“A tiny stained-glass point-n-click adventure about laziness and her herald.

“This game is about a lazy guy. One day, his evil employer makes him work, and that’s where everything starts to go awry.

“And yes, this lazy dude is a herald. You may actually know a few heralds, those guys who appear at the beginning of every story, looking for the hero in an attempt to deliver that “call to adventure” thingy, right before the interesting stuff starts to happen. That’s exactly the job our guy must do. Find a hero, give him or her a call to adventure, and be done with it. No exploits, no saving the world stuff. What can possibly go wrong?”

Message Quest has just been released on Steam for PC, Mac, and Linux.  There’s a link to the demo on the website below; you can play in your browser or download it to your computer.  Don’t judge the voice acting by the trailer, as it’s much better in the game (at least, from playing the demo).

[Buy on Steam]  |  [Visit the Website]

The art is done by Alena Medovnikova and you can see more of their work here.

message quest artvia /r/gamedev