developed by Magic & Mirrors  |  Platform: Windows

“A hyper fast, sci-fi action game that has its own twists on the twitchy shoot em up game genres.

“Nelo Lets you play as a race of aliens who are at war against their A.I. Creations, the Nightsithe. Your Character combats the Nightsithe using four floating mechanical hands that will let you wield four different guns at once, grab and throw enemies and physics objects, and can be used for ranged melee attacks. The gameplay and movement is very fast and chaotic, allowing the player to seamlessly switch between a third person mode and a top-down twinstick shooter mode.”

Being developed by just two people in Unreal Engine 4.  Today is the last day for its Kickstarter, but it has surpassed its goal quite nicely. :)

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nelo title 2

via PixelProspector

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