developed by Finji  |  Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

“A squad-based survival strategy game with procedurally generated levels set in post-apocalyptic North America. Every random level is full of close calls and hard choices, even though the interface is approachable and easy to learn. Manage fuel supplies, weapons, and other items by making the right choices on the procedural roadmaps. Overland is a road trip straight into the heart of the cataclysmic event that changed the Earth forever.”

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developed by Riku Tamminen  |  Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

“Alien orbs are tearing up the scenery while you outrun, avoid and outsmart them using anything found on remote islands which are holding your fellow humans as prisoners in vats!   Dodge alien abduction rays, save the people and depart to safety in a hot air balloon.”

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Bamboo EP

developed by sokpop collective  |  Platform: Windows

A collection of bamboo themed games.

⚪ Bamboo Ball ⚪
Digital dodge-ball for 1 to 2 players! Four different seasons to play in. Also includes dabbing snowmen.

🗡Bamboo Heart🗡
A fast-paced slice ’em up about a swordfighter looking for his heart. Includes a series of bosses, ulockable skills and 6 unlockable characters.

🌕 Bamboo Moon 🌕

An interactive titlescreen with a bunch of secrets!

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developed by Red Blue Games  |  Platforms: Windows, Mac

“An inventive roguelike adventure.”

“Adventure across the world as Ada, a genius engineer who uses novel gadgets and gizmos to solve puzzles and take down foes. Invent new gear using the spoils gained from your exploration and defeat the gremlins before they extract the last of the world’s sparklite.”

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Drop Alive

developed by Invi Games  |  Platforms: Windows

“A platformer where you control a little drop of water that can transform into ice and steam to overcome its journey.”

“An adventurous and curious water drop is trapped inside a house and needs your help to get back to the place she truly belongs to; a nearby glistening river. Climb a pile of jars, squeeze yourself through pipes and manage to get past a fridge full of stalactites without bursting. Use your wit to change from one state to another (liquid, solid and gas) surpassing every obstacle thrown your way as the game’s difficulty increases.”

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