developed by Mark Media  |  Platforms: Windows, iOS

shuyan game dragon2

“A 2-D and 3-D narrative action-adventure game set in ancient China. It tells a deep story about warring kingdoms and moral choices, and follows the story of Shuyan as she learns to take her place in the world. It aims to capture the ancient Chinese traditions of self-cultivation that are the essence of kung fu.”

“Shuyan’s combat system is divided between hard kung fu (force, hard strikes, etc), and soft kung fu (redirecting force, flowing around enemies, etc). On one side, it has a plenty of moves for those who want to take the path of hard kung fu, which plays similar to combat in the Batman games. On the other side, it has a challenging system of soft kung fu, which plays more on the ability of the player to focus and react.”

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shuyan drawing

The art of Shuyan is from Daxiong.

via /r/gamedev