Stack Gun Heroes

developed by Team Stack Studios

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“A co-op gun building FPS that lets you stack gun parts to modify your weapon.  Gun parts in Stack Gun Heroes routinely do things like multiply damage by 200%, or call down orbital strikes, or spew turrets instead of bullets. All effects chain together, and the more convoluted your weapon the stronger it is.  Stack enough parts, and your gun becomes a cataclysmic Rube Goldberg superweapon.”

Saw this on Reddit and it just sounded so awesomely crazy:

“You can stack 8 mods high, but some mods split into multiple barrels each of which can be stacked independently. In all, we’re talking hundreds of effects on a single gun if you’re into that sort of thing.  And even cooler, the order matters too. This means that an Orbital Strike + Turret will call down a turret from orbit, but a Turret + Orbital Strike will make your gun launch turrets that call down orbital strikes on their own.”


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via /r/gamedev