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Bunker Punks Fan Art

created by Eric Proton


“Picture a procedurally-generated roguelike FPS where between raiding corporate bunkers you build an underground base full of pirate radio zinester revolutionaries intent on taking down the Man.

“This here is Molly Pop, the pistol-wielding leader of the Zero Sum Gang, raising a revolutionary flag in the wreckage of a Fero Psychodynamics bunker.“  

Eric Proton

I wasn’t sure if today would be super quiet due to independence in the U.S. (it’s my first time, and most of my traffic is from there), so instead of potentially throwing a game up for no one to see I thought I’d just put up a little fan art from one.  Turns out it’s kind of fitting.

I’ll make a post about Bunker Punks tomorrow, but here’s one screenshot if anyone’s out there. =)


Also, happy independence day to anyone celebrating!