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Plato: Platonic Play Toy 

developed by Stef Stivala.  

“Think of it as a trippy whack-a-mole reimagined for touch devices.“

Manipulate and turn the ball while touching the right spots which correspond to the colours at the top.  The goal is to finish as fast as you can so as to earn more points, and then challenge yourself on a harder level.

Coming to Android, iOS, PC, and possibly VR.

via /r/gamedev

Heroes Guard 

developed by 

Under Byte Studios.  

A mobile choose your own adventure game coming to Android and iOS.  Play through various scenarios where your choices, dice rolls, and card selections affect the outcome of your story.

“All of your questing and dungeon plundering days are behind you – but that doesn’t mean the stories of hardships and triumphs need not live on! By filling this journal with your memories you will allow some of your greatest feats… and failures… to live on.

You do remember how your life story went… don’t you?”

Layers  |  Drop 

both developed by CloudPop Games.  

In Layers you have to quickly sort a pile of two differently coloured plates, with bonus points for how fast you can finish.  It was created in 24 hours as a challenge to see if you can make a polished game in a day (read about it here), and you can play it on your computer here.  It’s still in development for mobile platforms.

Drop is a puzzle reflex game where you need to correctly time the start of the circle’s movement to ensure it reaches the end of the level.  It’s slated to be released in April for mobile devices.

Nub’s Adventure 

by IMakeGames.  

A 2D pixel art platformer with a focus on exploration.  Help Nub’s rebuild his house with the help of his friends, a wisp and a giant worm with teeth (who as far as I’ve seen doesn’t look that friendly).  It’s in development for PC and mobile, and you can already play an early access version on Android.

The wisp reminds me a bit of Navi from Zelda, but hopefully won’t be as annoying.  Speaking of…

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