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Animated concept art for an unannounced game

being developed by Little Wolf Studio

I’m a big fan of concept art and as you know I also really like gifs, so the combination of the two is right up my alley.  The devs made the gifs meaning I got a day off to go to the beach (wee!).  Unfortunately there’s not too much information on what the game is yet, but I thought the pretties were enough to share by themselves.  You can visit the website here for more info, or follow the studio on Twitter to keep updated on the progress and to listen out for the official announcement.

via PixelProspector

Promotional art in Duelyst

duelyst art 10duelyst art 1duelyst art 4duelyst art 6duelyst art 9duelyst art 5duelyst art 7

Really love the additional art for Duelyst, there was way too much to put in one post so thought I’d add an extra one.  Unfortunately because I wasted so much time learned so much by fiddling with the Dawn of War gif I don’t have enough time to finish the full Duelyst post, that’ll be up tomorrow!

Bonus looping gif below that I stole from their website. =)

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The Faction Art in That Which Sleeps, by Richard Luong.

I really liked the art and the descriptions from the game, so I thought I would put them in a separate post.  You can see That Which Sleeps here, which is a strategy game about weakening the world so that you may return. 

Each faction plays a bit differently, and these aren’t all of them, just a selection of what I thought looked best.  Sisyphus is the only human faction (top image).

Let’s see what else you can be.


Limos, Shadow of Creation.  

“An injustice forgotten, a hate without meaning.  Pervert the living, rend your children, and bring this nightmare to an end.”


Belial, the Shadow Prince.  

“Schemes drip down to a shadowed throne, lies echo in its black chambers. A soothing relief for the dead thing that lays there, a broken lord of the wretched.”


Karth, the Form of Fury.  

“They wait, persecuted, driven into dark forests and deep caves.  They wait, eager, for their blood burns as omens fall.  They wait, as the drums of war begin to beat.  Their God comes again.”


Inatha, The Wings of Winter.  

“Fear the mountains for the words that they speak, fear the snows for the horrors they keep, fear in ice the ancient’s deceit.”

Richard Luong (Tentacles and Teeth)  

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That Which Sleeps  

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Painters Guild by AD1337.

Run an academy for artists during the Italian Renaissance.  You take commissions for various types of art that must be completed in a certain time frame.  Try to manage your artists and level up their skills in order to keep expanding your guild.

Currently, in the alpha version, you welcome an unknown young painter called Leanordo da Vinci into your guild.

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