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Little Devil Inside 

by neostream.  

A whimsical and violent RPG adventure.

I suppose I got caught up in the hype storm this caused yesterday.  I didn’t find it on reddit and there’s not much gameplay to show, but I felt compelled to make some GIFs from the trailer.

It seems to have materialized out of nowhere, which has some people wondering if it’s a real thing.  Regardless, we can still enjoy the pretties. :)

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developed by Pine Fire Studios.  

Monochromatic (blood doesn’t count!) multiplayer ninja stealth game.  Two teams (one black, one white) stalk each other in between light and shadow.  Black ninjas are invisible in the shadow, and white ninjas are invisible in the light.  

It’s still in development, and the developers are toying with the idea of a day/night cycle, which (with the shifting angle of light) would keep the maps dynamic and discourage camping.

A lot of it was inspired by this episode of Samurai Jack.

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Trudy’s Mechanicals 

by Incubator Games.  

A steampunk turn based tactics game with interactive environments.  

“Trudy’s Mechanicals takes place on a giant Steampunk dirigible, the world is grimier, more grotesque place than the gentlemanly courts of Victoriana. Coal burning furnaces have polluted the skies and the poor sell their bodies in order to become half-man/half-machine labourers.“

Untitled, developed by Studio Thunderhorse with art by Johan Aronson.  

An endless mobile runner for iOS.  It’s only been in development for a week, but the art already looks pretty stunning.  Being made by the same team that is creating Laser Fury (co-op action RPG), which also has great pixel art (see below).

Not sure if the timing on the split GIF will be correct for everyone.  I banged my head on my desk for far too long trying different ways to get it to play nice. >.<

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