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A Quiver of Crows 

Illustration by Daniel Mackey.  

I’ve been following Daniel Mackey for a little while and I’m a big fan of his Pokemon series.  Every now and then I get art commissioned for games I post on my blog, and the colours of the Pokemon series reminded me of A Quiver of Crows, so I thought it would be a good fit (plus getting to sort of collaborate with an artist you admire is pretty cool too).

You can see what the game looks like below, but be sure to check out the original post as the one image doesn’t really encapsulate the whole feel, and if I post more than one I might get carried away.

A Quiver of Crows was recently Greenlit, and you can see it on steam here.

Daniel Mackey was great to work with, and you can visit him on Tumblr here.  


Death’s Gambit 

by White Rabbit (Jean Canellas & Alex Kubodera)

A 2D action RPG with gameplay inspired by Demon’s Souls, and huge boss encounters like those in Shadow of the Colossus.  "Become the agent of death, and rid this world of immortals.“

I don’t usually reblog, but I saw this on PixelArtus before it popped up at my usual source, and I would pretty much be using the same GIFS (except that duplicated slashing one, gggrrrrr…must…control…OCD).  So, thanks to them. :)

The trailer was recently released, which contains a lot more pretties.  You can keep up to date on Death’s Gambit on their Tumblr.

The poster for Death’s Gambit was done by kaisinelwho has done some other really awesome stuff (another example below).  Definitely take a peek at the art on their blog.


Cavern Kings by Vine – “An endless and explosive game about digging your own grave.”   This eye popping action platformer is on Steam Early Access, with a lot of positive reviews. :)

The GIFs are from an older build, while the still images have new lighting and shadows, as well as other improvements.

[Play on Steam Early Access]  |  [Follow Vine on Tumblr]