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Animated concept art for an unannounced game

being developed by Little Wolf Studio

I’m a big fan of concept art and as you know I also really like gifs, so the combination of the two is right up my alley.  The devs made the gifs meaning I got a day off to go to the beach (wee!).  Unfortunately there’s not too much information on what the game is yet, but I thought the pretties were enough to share by themselves.  You can visit the website here for more info, or follow the studio on Twitter to keep updated on the progress and to listen out for the official announcement.

via PixelProspector

Postcards from…

I finally finished my collection of cinemagraphs for Journey.  Basically I made little postcard-like entries, except the pictures move a bit.  It took a long time to do and wrangling Journey’s camera to stay still was quite the experience!  I’d like to do the same thing with either The Witness, or Firewatch next.

If you’ve never played Journey I’d suggest you wait to look at the collection.  While it’s only environmental stuff, it contains all of them, and discovering the new areas added a lot to the experience for me.

Take a look below at the full collection, I hope you guys like it. :)

The full collection is here  (best viewed on a desktop PC).

Wrapping Up

This is the last set of gifs I made from Shangri La in Far Cry 4.  It took a looong time to record (the tiger loved to run in front of the camera, grrr), then edit, and tweak.  It was definitely a lot of fun though.   I’m moving on to doing the same kind of thing in Journey, so if you’re playing with someone that suddenly stops and stares at random things it might be me. :)

The full Shangri La collection is here if you haven’t seen it.