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Something a little different

I’ve been meaning to make cinemagraphs from Shangri La in Far Cry 4 for a while; I’ve had the promotional art below as my desktop background for over a year.   I initially just wanted to do a set of scenery shots, but I thought the theme of death in Shangri La was quite interesting, so I decided to split those into their own post.  I will post the rest (from Shangri La) next month so that we’re not drowning in Far Cry gifs. :)  The full collection will be here.

shangri la

Unfortunately the elephant doesn’t sit still enough, so she doesn’t get featured. :(

The Unfinished Swan

developed by Giant Sparrow

I’ve been meaning to make these for a while, of my play through a couple of months ago.  I thought the game was pretty decent (I think it got over-hyped for me), but I really liked the sort of minimalistic art style and thought some of the scenes made for good moving pictures.

For those who don’t know, The Unfinished Swan is a light exploration/puzzle game where you move around in an unfinished world shooting paint to reveal objects and solve puzzles.  You can see more on the Playstation page or check the trailer below.