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tiny & Tall: Gleipnir

developed by tiny & Tall Games

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“An epic point-and-click adventure based on a nordic legend. It tells the story of the creation of Gleipnir, the magic link holding the wolf Fenrir. This link is created from six mythical ingredients: the sinews of a bear, the beard of a woman, the sound of a cat’s footfall, the roots of a mountain, the spittle of a bird and the breath of a fish.

“The Æsir (Norse Gods) tasked those they believe to be the best blacksmiths in the world to collect those ingredients: tiny & Tall. But these two are appallingly ill-prepared for this quest, as they can’t even get along to start with…”

Being adapted by the creator of the comic (tiny & Tall), which you can read right here.  The game will cover the story that occurs in the first book of the comic.  You can download the demo for PC or Mac from the Kickstarter link below.

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