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Friendship Club


Clockwork Cuckoo & 

Force Of Habit.  

A four player bullet-hell arena shooter.  

Pick one of four imaginary characters who will battle it out in order to become Timmy Bibble’s favourite friend.  

Bullets that are fired keep bouncing off the walls until they are caught by another player, or caught by another player’s face.  Naturally things get a bit crazy as time goes on.  

Recently released on Steam Early Access, not a ton of reviews yet, but currently most of them are positive.

[Visit on Steam]

Survivor Squad: Gauntlets 

developed by Endless Loop Studios.  

A squad management action and strategy game.  You control your squad member’s line of sight, and whhen in the dark can only see in the cone where they are looking.  Work your way through various traps to get to the extraction zone while fighting off the infected.  

There’s also a robust level editor that allows you to build your own scenarios and share them with the community.

Currently in Steam Early Access, with a bunch of positive reviews.

[Play on Early Access]