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developed by InsightFPS |  Platforms: Windows, Linux

“A casual and competitive arena FPS with a unique gameplay concept and “parkour” based movement system.

“The unique concept is based on sound; Any time a player emits a sound (this includes landing from a jump, shooting weapons and taking damage) they become briefly visible to all players throughout the level, through all walls.

“This means that players must utilize the advanced movement mechanics of the game if they wish to remain silent and do not want to give away their position.”

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Battalion 1944

developed by Bulkhead Interactive  |  Platforms: Windows, Xbox One, PS4

“An infantry based first person shooter with an emphasis on raw skill. No grinding, no ‘exosuits’, just you and your skill as a player.”

It might be nostalgia but I think I miss this type of old school shooter.  I’ve been longing for the WW2 theme, but going full throwback to a time without kill streaks or vehicles sounds pretty interesting.  It is multiplayer only however (which is fine by me).  It’s already shot past its Kickstarter goal with over 3 weeks to go, you can check it out below.

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developed by Deep-Fried Enterprises

“A cyber espionage themed stealth FPS that lets you play it how you want: whether creeping along corridors undetected or bursting into rooms to blow away all adversaries. Cyber terrorism is a dangerous profession, and risks have real consequences. Damage sustained cannot be recovered, the slightest mistake will jeopardize your chances to reach the next level.”

ROOT just came out on steam a couple days ago, check it out!

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