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developed by Blind Sky Studios  |  Platforms:  Windows, Mac

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A child so fragile with bones of clay

A father’s soul proposed a trade

And in your passing a weight is lifted

With nothing cured but only shifted

“A world inspired by Tibetan theology and philosophy. With a focus on life and death, discover what it means to make a true sacrifice.

“Traverse a vivid interpretation of Bardo, the Tibetan word for limbo. Learn what experiences brought you there and what forces pull you through . . .”

[Download for free on Steam]  |  [Visit the Website]


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Shark Lake Fisherman

developed by Fabian Jarrett

“Get points for each fish that you catch.

The more fish you catch, the more sharks that come.

Avoid the sharks to stay alive.”

I’m keeping it a little quiet today, trying to make something special for next week. :)  (plus work is killing me and I have no broadband internet).

You can download and play Shark Lake from the link below to pass the time!

[Download from itch.io]

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