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Keep Calm

developed by Adam Carriere  |  Platforms: Windows, Mac


Something a little different today.  This is a free short text adventure/interactive fiction that’s about 15 minutes long.  It’s got great writing and is probably better experienced without me telling you what it is.  Unfortunately it’s kind of hard to show what it is as well, since it’s just text.  So to spoil it just a teensy bit if you have any interest in games about mental health, definitely give it a try.  If you don’t, it’s still a pretty interesting experience. =)

[Download on itch.io]

keep calm 2

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Broken Puppet

developed by students of the Pompeu Fabra University

broken puppet 1broken pupper 2
broken puppet 3broken puppet 4

A physics based puzzle adventure for Windows.  You can download the full (pretty short) game from Game Jolt below.

“Katherine was once the star of a puppet theather, but she has been replaced by a new doll, and vanished to the basement. Now, using her own threads she will recover the glory, kill the impostor and return the show to its one and only start… Katherine.”

[Download on Game Jolt]

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developed by George Prosser

“Competitive cosmic archery.”

“A local multiplayer archery game where the main mechanic is gravity! My goal for this game is to make something that’s fun to play with friends (2-5 players), whilst being as juicy as possible. It was partly inspired by Worms, which I loved when I was younger.”

It’s currently out on itch.io and people seem to be really enjoying it.  Unfortunately, I must play alone. I am always the winner.  :(

[Download on itch.io]

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Void Vikings

developed by Ugly Beard Games

void vikings shipvoid vikings laser
void vikings cluttervoid vikings dark

A top down space shooter which you can play in your web browser (if you have the Unity plugin).  The team is currently trying to improve and polish the game in order to get it on to Steam.

“Pilot three different ships with special maneuvers and each with their own fantastic abilities to destroy your enemies. Pillage loot they leave behind to outfit your ship becoming even more powerful. Warp from system to system to take on larger and stronger waves of enemies. Death is the end but the glory from your battle will carry on.” 

[Play in your browser]  |  [Vote on Greenlight]