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developed by George Prosser

“Competitive cosmic archery.”

“A local multiplayer archery game where the main mechanic is gravity! My goal for this game is to make something that’s fun to play with friends (2-5 players), whilst being as juicy as possible. It was partly inspired by Worms, which I loved when I was younger.”

It’s currently out on itch.io and people seem to be really enjoying it.  Unfortunately, I must play alone. I am always the winner.  :(

[Download on itch.io]

via /r/gamedev

Circa Infinity 

developed by Kenny Sun.  

A trippy platformer with a circular design.  I’ve been staring at my screen for a while trying to describe the game further, but I can’t. >.<  The second GIF is the intro level, which is probably the easiest to understand, and here is a gameplay video which should help.  Each level slowly introduces a new enemy or gameplay mechanic, which are then combined in later levels/sections creating insanity.  

The demo came out on itch.io today and it’s quite fun when things start getting intense.  Though, it’s only the first 10 levels so I suppose it’s quite low on the game’s overall intensity meter.

via /r/gamedev

[Vote on Greenlight]  |  [Download the Demo]