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Layers  |  Drop 

both developed by CloudPop Games.  

In Layers you have to quickly sort a pile of two differently coloured plates, with bonus points for how fast you can finish.  It was created in 24 hours as a challenge to see if you can make a polished game in a day (read about it here), and you can play it on your computer here.  It’s still in development for mobile platforms.

Drop is a puzzle reflex game where you need to correctly time the start of the circle’s movement to ensure it reaches the end of the level.  It’s slated to be released in April for mobile devices.


developed by Death, art by Raymond Schlitter, which make up Minerion Studios.  

A 2D puzzle platformer in very early development.  You have the ability to shapeshift into various animals (a bird, a monkey, a bull, and a dog), which you’ll need to use in order to navigate the underground labyrinth.

I probably should have waited until this was further along, but that dog strut is too awesome not to share.  I’ll most likely post about it again when it’s closer to release, if it’s still looking good. ;)

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Proto Raider  

by Puzzle Lab.  

An ASCII puzzle platformer.  Your energetic avatar auto runs through the level, and you must choose the correct path (by jumping/falling) in order to obtain various items that are necessary to survive the obstacles in your way, and reach the exit.  For example, if you don’t get Scuba gear before entering the water, or you don’t get an antidote for poison, you die.  

Though, I must admit that dying doesn’t look too unpleasant for your character, as they seem to do ASCII versions of various popular dances. ;)

It’s already out on iOS and PC, and is currently going through Greenlight.  I really like the music in the Steam trailer.  There are 64 single screen levels, and you can read a full review on Touch Arcade.

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