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The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human

developed by YCJY  |  Platforms:  Windows, Mac, Linux

“A pixelated, side-scrolling, underwater action-adventure game about exploring the decaying ruins of our species — and fighting deadly sea-creatures — in search of answers about our downfall.”

The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human came through Kickstarter last year (I made a post about it here), and just released a couple of days ago ($9.99 in the U.S., but on sale at the moment).  So if you want to take part in underwater submarine shenanigans check out one of the links below!

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The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human

developed by YCJY

aquatic the fathersaquatic tranquil

“A metroid-vania styled action/adventure game where you play as the navigator of Argo 9, a spaceship/submarine hybrid, thrust back to Earth in a time after humans have gone extinct. Whereupon one will have to explore to uncover the reasons for humanity’s downfall meanwhile encountering monstrous sea creatures. 

The focus of this game lies in exploration, story and boss battles. It is up to the player to determine if the ruins of our species is a travesty or an inevitable conclusion.”  

Currently on Kickstarter with only a few days left to meet its goal.  There’s also a demo which you can download and try out from the link below.

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Illustration by Pontus Ullbors

Mystik Belle 

by Andrew Bado.  

A quirky metroidvania adventure, that just released on Steam yesterday, with plans for Android, OUYA, and iOS.

“The game is about a young witch-in-training – Belle attempting to prevent an impending unpleasant situation at the witches’ summit by recreating a potion she is wrongfully accused of ruining.“

Mystik Belle was developed by the same person behind Legend of Iya, which had a successful 75k Kickstarter almost two years ago, but hasn’t yet been released after running into a little trouble.  You can read more about that here.

I’ve been playing it for a little bit, and it’s quite fun, with lovely art and quirky dialogue (though admittedly I’m only a couple of hours in, making gifs sucks time >.<).  

The dev was nice enough to give me a few Steam keys to give away, so if you’d like one, just tweet me @screenshotdaily.  All gone!!

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Ghost Song 

developed by Old Moon Games.  

An actual (super?) metroidvania that’s been in development for a few years, and is hopefully coming out at the end of 2015.  While it definitely looks like a modern Super Metroid, the game is also supposed to borrow elements from Dark Souls.   No hand holding with the gameplay.  :)  The mix definitely gives it a great looking atmosphere.

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Illustration by Ian Barker, follow on Tumblr.

Blood Alloy: Reborn 

by Suppressive Fire Games.  

An acrobatic 2D score attack shooter coming to all major platforms.  Blood Alloy in its final form is intended to be a full fledged Metroidvania, but for now the developers are focused on releasing a shooter with a smaller scope, which will hopefully be successful enough to support their bigger ideas.

Concept art drawn by Aaron Nakahara.

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