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developed by thirtythreegames  |  Platforms: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

“A tough as nails game that puts a gravity-defying weapon in your hands. One button lets you fly, the other blasts obstacles out of the way. With a cast of crazed characters, challenging gameplay, and a pulsing musical score, it delivers twitchy platforming goodness.”

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Some of the footage taken from a video of world record attempts by horheristo.  Thanks for the link [super secret person].  ;)

Super Cat Bros

developed by Neutronized, published by FDG Entertainment  |  Platforms: iOS, Android

“A love letter to games from the golden era of platformers like Super Mario World or Kirby’s Dream Land 3.”

“Six cats are the new Jump’n’Fur stars! Reunite Alex the Cat with his siblings and explore a mysterious island. Control 24 paws with just 2 thumbs tapping the left or right side of the screen. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to climb, swim, jump and run. Just don’t forget to bring the right cat for the job!”

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El Hijo

developed by Honig Studios  |  Platforms: Windows, iOS

“A spaghetti western, indie stealth game.  You guide 6-year old boy El Hijo on his quest to find his father, by escaping a monastery, fighting his way through the desert and avoiding monstrous creatures, and outsmarting horrible gangsters in the saloon of a villain town.”

This is still really early in development so not too much to show yet, I love the animated title though.

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Into the Rift

developed by Weston Tracy  |  Platforms: Windows, iOS

“A game with parkour, melee combat and pixel art.”

“You’ll be a lone adventurer, running, jumping and fighting your way to restore a splintered society. Half of which are bent on destroying you.”

“All born in Sky Valley are born with wildness. Is it tempered by the knowledge of exploration or is it tempered by the promise of myth? The time has come to choose a path: the flowing tapestry of discovery or the statued certainty of tradition. Between these two lies The Rift.”

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Hidden Folks

developed by Adriaan de JonghSylvain Tegroeg  |  Platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS

“A game like Where’s Waldo?, but black and white and interactive: find little people hiding behind or inside things by lifting doors, pressing buttons, and shaking trees.

“All characters and objects in the game are hand-drawn, scanned in, placed in levels in the game, layered manually, and then animated. It’s supposed to be a relaxing game. No time limits. No points. Just a bunch of folks and objects to be found. The game will feature around 20-30 levels with various themes like a camping theme, a desert, a factory, a suburb, and many more. Expect updates with more levels.”

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