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Super Rocket Cats 

developed by hambaagu.io  

A 2D crazy platformer shooter…thing.  Not really my kind of thing, but was waaaaay too over the top not to share.  I think I could stare at the cat super flame/rocket attack for hours. >.<  Plus, it’s Caturday!

Most of the art is taken from OpenGameArt.Org, which is a really great resource if you’re a gamedev, definitely check it out. :)

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by Zack Harmon.  

A shmup centred around fighting massive bosses with colourful and detailed pixel art.  Featuring an ancient bat that can transform into various forms to unleash its fury.

“Take down colossal boses, tear apart the world around you, and summon the powers of sound.”

Developed completely solo using GameMaker.  I quite like the music as well, it’s from the band Ace Poison which the developer is a part of.  You can take a listen and download it on Bandcamp here.

The game just came out and I haven’t played it yet, as my internet connection hates me.  :(

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by Onion Core.  

A pixel art side scrolling RPG with a focus on exploration.  

“You find yourself on an uncharted island being ravaged by monsters and wild animals.”  Charming.

There’s a lot of emphasis on deep character customization, and creating a character with exactly the look you want (body type/race/gender/accessories etc).  I have to single out the amount of hats.  One can never have too many hats!