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Dungeon of Zaar

developed by KURB Studio  |  Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

“An online turn-based strategy game taking place in an ancient and magical castle where Explorers fight for treasures!

“Players will create their own Dungeon Explorer and take part in intense online battles against other Explorers or play local hot seat mode with their friends around one computer.

“Explorers don’t come alone into the Dungeon. They are the brains, but not the brawn! They are escorted by a squad of Mercenaries recruited from around the Kingdom to protect them and help them forge onward.”

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Can’t Drive This

developed by Pixel Maniacs  |  Platforms: Windows, Mac

“Drive your car WHILE your friend builds the road in front of you! Oh, and don’t go below 20mph OR YOU’LL EXPLODE! Like in that Sandra Bullock movie, in which she kinda does the same thing, but on a bus. Also, she doesn’t explode (Spoiler alert). Also, Keanu Reeves was in the movie.”

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Monsters and Monocles

developed by Retro Dreamer  |  Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

“A frantic top-down shooter for 1-4 players. Use teamwork and your arsenal of weapons to defeat the overwhelming hordes of evil, either locally or online. All the levels are procedurally generated with new layouts, objectives, and secrets each time you play.”

“A naive occult collector has unknowingly unleashed a great evil that is spreading across the globe, and it’s up to you and a team of quirky paranormal investigators to find the source of this dark energy and blast it back to where it came from.”

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monsters and monocles

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developed by InsightFPS |  Platforms: Windows, Linux

“A casual and competitive arena FPS with a unique gameplay concept and “parkour” based movement system.

“The unique concept is based on sound; Any time a player emits a sound (this includes landing from a jump, shooting weapons and taking damage) they become briefly visible to all players throughout the level, through all walls.

“This means that players must utilize the advanced movement mechanics of the game if they wish to remain silent and do not want to give away their position.”

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developed by Fast Forward Games  |  Platform: Windows

“Two teams are pitted against each other in fair and fast-paced arena combat. No parts of the game are locked away behind a tiresome grind. Once you start playing MIGHT you have access to all classes, from the in-your-face Ravager to the strategic Hunter that rather picks off his enemies from a distance. Whether you just want to have some fun with a couple of friends or try to fight your way to the top of the leaderboards, MIGHT will have something for you.”

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