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Home is Where One Starts 

by David Wehle.  

A first person exploration game similar to Gone Home or Dear Esther, but being made with Oculus Rift support in mind.

“I remember just waiting at the end of my driveway… waiting for the school bus I had already missed. I guess I just didn’t want to go back inside that trailer. At that age I didn’t know what home was, but it didn’t matter… it found me that morning.”

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If you have any questions about the game, leave a question in the comments and the dev will be popping in and out to answer. :)

Eastshade by Eastshade Studios – “…a game that is a world worth exploring for the sake of exploring. There are no enemies to kill, no dialogue dramas between acted characters to play out, and no towns to build. There is a world with sights to see, sounds to hear, people to meet, things to find, and impasses to surmount.”

Sounds really refreshing.

Crossing the Line by Zomboko Entertainment – an absolutely stunning first person thriller where you must investigate the unsolved case of the death of your wife.  Sounds a bit cliche on the surface, though you are able to interact with the shadow world (wraiths, souls etc.), which could add a twist to the story.

GIF’s really struggle to capture the game (and colours) in motion, the visuals in the trailer are tip top, though let’s hope the voice acting is placeholder.