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Heart Forth, Alicia

developed Alonso Martin  |  Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, PS4/Vita, Wii U


“A Metroidvania RPG about a young wizard pursued by a terror in the sky.

“On the night of your coming of age trial, the sky rains fire over your village, scorching everything in its path. Soon, you’re catapulted into an ongoing war between the wizards of the forest and the desert army of the West. Desperate to reunite with your loved ones, you embark on a journey across the landscapes of a beautiful but threatening world, sculpted by the pulsing violence of its past.”

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developed by Noel BerrySaint 11Matt ThorsonAmora B.Ben Prunty, & Power Up Audio

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, PS4

“A procedurally generated action adventure game, set in the ruins of a fallen world.”

“Centuries after a mysterious cataclysm tore the world apart, humans have taken to the skies – ferrying their kin in airships, searching the remains for artifacts and survivors. Explorer Névoa ventures out across uncharted islands, left floating in the sky. Alone and armed only with a shovel, she is determined to carve her own path.”

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developed by thirtythreegames  |  Platforms: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

“A tough as nails game that puts a gravity-defying weapon in your hands. One button lets you fly, the other blasts obstacles out of the way. With a cast of crazed characters, challenging gameplay, and a pulsing musical score, it delivers twitchy platforming goodness.”

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Some of the footage taken from a video of world record attempts by horheristo.  Thanks for the link [super secret person].  ;)

The Keeper

developed by Ludic Studio  |  Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

“A side-scrolling survival action game that features boss battles and a combat system focused on combos, executions, defense and counterattacks. Also, it includes passage of time where the scenes switch between day and night.

“By the day, the keeper can hunt, go fishing, cut trees, explore the surroundings of the tower in search of resources and many other things for subsistence. The fights usually take place at night when the creatures of Sin Eater appear.”

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