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developed by Gamesoft  |  Platforms: Windows, PS4, Xbox One

“A time-bending puzzle-platformer that tells the story of Atto, a lonely mechanical boy in the great city of Watchtower. Explore the city, discover its mysterious past, control time and fight terrifying boss battles.”

“The city has survived for four hundred years, longer than most of its citizens can remember. A few whisper about the time of the great plague; a time when the desperate survivors grew so afraid for their fleshly bodies that they encased themselves in metal ones – bodies that would rust and break down, but never sicken and die. Since then they have waited, counting the days as the city falls into ruin.”

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developed by Art in Heart  |  Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

“A tough as hell procedurally-generated 2D platformer with roguelike elements, following the largely misunderstood and altruistic Ikk on a journey to cheer up his only friend in this world—a giant landbound whale named Sally—by searching for just the right trinket in the deep and dark places nearby.”

“With Death as his mentor, supplying both a multitude of abilities and arsenal for Ikk to use, Ikk traverses an ever-changing land full of unwieldy creatures who don’t appreciate his trespassing or his friend Sally. Several different environments, arduous bosses, hidden secrets, multiple endings, and more await Ikk on his journey to make one person happy even if it kills him—which it certainly will.”

One of the developers (Ditto) has some really cool game projects which you can see on their itch.io page.

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Beard Blade

developed by Glovebox Games  |  Platform: Windows

“An action-packed 2D platformer for PC inspired by 16-bit legends! Play as the gallant Branson a.k.a. “Beard Blade” as he strives to reclaim the town’s stolen goods and uncover the truth behind a dark secret. His weapon of choice? An enchanted beard teeming with powerful magic that allows him to shape-shift his stubble to overcome hairy situations. The enemies are tough, but so is your scruff!”

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Blubber Busters

developed by Thar Be Monsters  |  Platforms: Windows

A combat-focused 2D action game about surgically curing loveable space whales by any means necessary — usually from the inside-out. Follow Rudy, the janitor aboard the orbital SVP (that’s Space Veterinary Platform), as he’s thrust into the role of surgeon as the chief-of-staff in a failing hospital. Do you have what it takes to breathe life back into the station and discover the source of new and threatening space whale diseases?”

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