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developed by Loiste Interactive

infra 1infra boat
infra pipesinfra grass

“A first person puzzle adventure which puts you into the shoes of a simple structural analyst. Nothing more than a quiet desk jockey assigned to survey some routine structural damage. Quickly though, your mission turns from a mundane trek to a fight for survival.

“Your tools are simple: the camera around your neck and the wits to navigate a virtual labyrinth of debris. How you tell your story is your choice. Will you have the commitment to finish your duty, or will you ignore all else but the preservation of your own life?”

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The Cat Machine

developed by Cranktrain

cat machine wetcat machine orange
cat machine instrucat machine green

“A game of logic, and cats. Cats riding around on trains.

“Let me explain.

“As we are all aware, the stability of planet earth’s orbit around the sun is maintained by an enormous and very secret underground machine. A machine where cats of various colours ride around on trains, as cats have done since time immemorial.

“Without this secret mechanism, the earth would undoubtedly fold in on itself, probably with a rather satisfying popping noise, but also with the unpleasant side-effect of then ceasing to exist.

“The Cat Machine places you in charge of designing that contraption.”

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developed by Lkmad Games

panmorphia mountainpanmorphia green
panmorphia puzzlepanmorphia wall

“A point & click, puzzle adventure game.

You are summoned to the land of Panmorphia, where as a sentinel you are able to wield the four elements and transform yourself into the animal that best represents it.

Each time you transform into a different animal (cat, bird, fish) your view of the world changes and you can do different things that are unique to your current form.”

Currently out on iOS and Android, it’s being ported to PC for release this summer.

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