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Swervin’ Mervin 

developed by

Andrew Buntine using some art assets from Out Run, and pixel art by Melanie Huang.  

An old school arcade racing game made in Python.  I think Out Run was my favourite game to play when I went to the arcade, brings back so many memories!   If you have Python installed you can download the game from github.

Also, the developer made an arcade cabinet to go with it, which you can order by contacting the dev

So cool.  O.O


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Terra Melior 

developed by Terra Melior Studios.

“A Sci Fi Action RPG that takes place on a harsh planet of ice and snow overrun by a monster apocalypse.  You play as a soldier re-animated by the flames of a dark magic.Defeat the forces of Winter, and uncover the mysteries of this foreboding land.”

A 3rd person action game where you defeat waves of enemies and bosses in order to unlock new areas.  Still in pretty early development for PC and Mac, and hoping to have a Kickstarter this summer.

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For Our Skyline 

developed by Rotorist Workshop.

A 3D helicopter shooter set in a futuristic city that you must defend.  Still in very early development, with mostly placeholder art.  That being said I already like the low poly look, so it should be pretty exciting to see what it looks like when refined.

You can download the pre alpha here to give it a test.  If you have any feedback, the developer would love to hear it. :)

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developed by

Dreadlocks Ltd.  

A cyberpunk open world RPG.  

“Discover the truth behind an enigmatic AI striving to reach the Singularity, a theoretical “event horizon” in which artificial intelligence will surpass human intelligence and all bets about the future will be off. How will you play your part in the story?”

Released a week or so ago with a number of bugs that the devs have been working hard to fix.  It seems like most of them are under control now.  It shouldn’t have to be said, but it’s nice to see the developers supporting their game so well after release.

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Super Rocket Cats 

developed by hambaagu.io  

A 2D crazy platformer shooter…thing.  Not really my kind of thing, but was waaaaay too over the top not to share.  I think I could stare at the cat super flame/rocket attack for hours. >.<  Plus, it’s Caturday!

Most of the art is taken from OpenGameArt.Org, which is a really great resource if you’re a gamedev, definitely check it out. :)

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