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developed by Danger Momentum  |  Platforms: PC, Android

A traditional roguelike focusing on diverse builds, quick play, and intuitive controls.”

“In Roggle you will explore The Fracture, a ruined world held together by tenuous magic. Severed chunks of land drift through space, a hollow dystopia far removed from its former glory. The Fracture is a fearsome place filled with warring factions, ferocious creatures, and perilous ledges. The path you walk is up to you, but danger waits in every direction.”

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developed with ASCII art by Grid Sage Games, pixel art by Kacper Woźniak.

A sci-fi roguelike with both ASCII and pixel art.  Play as the Cogmind and explore an expansive living world (inhabitants have their own routines and reactions to your presence), building yourself up through parts you find and those taken from robots that you destroy.  There are various ways to play other than all out destruction (such as hacking and stealth), depending on what parts you discover and decisions you make.

This has been in development for about 3 years, and the alpha has just come out along with a nifty trailer.  I made a post about Cogmind around 5 months ago when it was purely ASCII, but still sexy. ;)

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