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Let Them Come

developed by Klemen Lozar

“An old-school pixel art shoot’em up with a dynamic lighting engine. Blast your way through waves of challenging enemies that exist only to eradicate all human life. Can you fight your way out?”

It’s currently in development for PC, consoles, as well as mobile devices, and hoping to release in early 2016.

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The Tumblr is quite new, so give it some time to get more content. :)

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Tower 57

developed by Marco Pappalardo, and art by Cyangmou

“An old-school twin stick shooter that takes you to the beautiful ruins of a decadent art deco-meets-cyberpunk world, where humanity is split between warring societies living in mega-towers surrounded by radioactive wasteland.

Your mission, as a member of a special investigative force, is to infiltrate the reclusive Tower 57 and thwart their plans for an invasion that could spell doom for your home tower.”

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