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El Hijo

developed by Honig Studios  |  Platforms: Windows, iOS

“A spaghetti western, indie stealth game.  You guide 6-year old boy El Hijo on his quest to find his father, by escaping a monastery, fighting his way through the desert and avoiding monstrous creatures, and outsmarting horrible gangsters in the saloon of a villain town.”

This is still really early in development so not too much to show yet, I love the animated title though.

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Master Spy Released!

A game developed by TURBOGUN (Kris Truitt & zorgitron)

Master Spy has (finally!) just released on Steam, check it out below!

“A stealth-based precision platformer with retro cutscenes full of espionage, intrigue, and betrayal!

“In a world of corruption and decay, you’re not just good at what you do – you’re the best. And with the aid of your prototype cloaking suit and quick wit, you’ll sneak your way past a multitude of enemies and obstacles, all while uncovering a plot of conspiracy and intrigue that thrusts you into a role far greater than your contract promised.”

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Shaders in Semispheres

by Vivid Helix


Semisphere is a stealth puzzle game where you control two characters which affect each other’s worlds.  It recently went through an art change (old art style here), and the developer has written a bit about the methods used to create the different effects (in Unity).

You can go through the dev log on the TIGForums, or read about the heat distortion effect here, and the portal effect here.

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developed by Pine Fire Studios.  

Monochromatic (blood doesn’t count!) multiplayer ninja stealth game.  Two teams (one black, one white) stalk each other in between light and shadow.  Black ninjas are invisible in the shadow, and white ninjas are invisible in the light.  

It’s still in development, and the developers are toying with the idea of a day/night cycle, which (with the shifting angle of light) would keep the maps dynamic and discourage camping.

A lot of it was inspired by this episode of Samurai Jack.

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