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developed by League of Geeks

armello 2 cardarmello 3
armello 1armello 4 attack

“A grand swashbuckling adventure that combines three styles of play; The deep tactics of card games with the rich strategy of table top board games, combined with a character role-playing system.

“As a hero from one of the clans of Armello, you’ll quest, scheme, hire agents, explore, vanquish monsters, cast spells and face off against other players, with one ultimate end goal in mind — storming the palace and becoming King or Queen of Armello.”

Launching on September 1st on Steam (Win/Mac/Linux) and PS4 (and tablets next year).  It’s actually up for vote on PS Plus, but doesn’t look like it will win, which is unfortunate as that means my friends won’t play it and I will be lonely. :(

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armello fan

Fan Art by Aaron Nakahara

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developed by

Dreadlocks Ltd.  

A cyberpunk open world RPG.  

“Discover the truth behind an enigmatic AI striving to reach the Singularity, a theoretical “event horizon” in which artificial intelligence will surpass human intelligence and all bets about the future will be off. How will you play your part in the story?”

Released a week or so ago with a number of bugs that the devs have been working hard to fix.  It seems like most of them are under control now.  It shouldn’t have to be said, but it’s nice to see the developers supporting their game so well after release.

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Mystik Belle 

by Andrew Bado.  

A quirky metroidvania adventure, that just released on Steam yesterday, with plans for Android, OUYA, and iOS.

“The game is about a young witch-in-training – Belle attempting to prevent an impending unpleasant situation at the witches’ summit by recreating a potion she is wrongfully accused of ruining.“

Mystik Belle was developed by the same person behind Legend of Iya, which had a successful 75k Kickstarter almost two years ago, but hasn’t yet been released after running into a little trouble.  You can read more about that here.

I’ve been playing it for a little bit, and it’s quite fun, with lovely art and quirky dialogue (though admittedly I’m only a couple of hours in, making gifs sucks time >.<).  

The dev was nice enough to give me a few Steam keys to give away, so if you’d like one, just tweet me @screenshotdaily.  All gone!!

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developed by Evan Todd.  

“Immersive first-person parkour in a surreal, physics-driven voxel world. 

Lemma enables creative building through movement. Spawn structures just by moving through space. Extend platforms, smash through walls, and build new ones, all through parkour moves.”

The game came out on Steam last week, but was actually in the batch of ten games that I posted on the first day of this blog’s existence, which was about 6 months ago.  You can see it here, though I feel a bit embarrassed to bring it up.  I still hate writing, but maybe a bit less than I did back then.  Feels like forever ago. >.<

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Friendship Club


Clockwork Cuckoo & 

Force Of Habit.  

A four player bullet-hell arena shooter.  

Pick one of four imaginary characters who will battle it out in order to become Timmy Bibble’s favourite friend.  

Bullets that are fired keep bouncing off the walls until they are caught by another player, or caught by another player’s face.  Naturally things get a bit crazy as time goes on.  

Recently released on Steam Early Access, not a ton of reviews yet, but currently most of them are positive.

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