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Avenging Angel 

developed by Dark Amber Softworks

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A story driven steampunk FPS and adventure game which released on Early Access today.

“You are an Associate of the Inventors Guild dropped on an island in the Atlantic Ocean on a routine maintenance job. As you venture through the island, it becomes clear that there is nothing remotely routine about this mission, as you are pulled into the web of international, as well as metaphysical, conflict. Decipher forbidden history, learn about forgotten tragedy, and in the end, answer the question of all questions: “What is existence?”

[Purchase on Steam Early Access]  |  [Download the Demo]

via /r/gamedev

Trudy’s Mechanicals 

by Incubator Games.  

A steampunk turn based tactics game with interactive environments.  

“Trudy’s Mechanicals takes place on a giant Steampunk dirigible, the world is grimier, more grotesque place than the gentlemanly courts of Victoriana. Coal burning furnaces have polluted the skies and the poor sell their bodies in order to become half-man/half-machine labourers.“