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Chronicle of Ruin

developed by Dusty Games  |  Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

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chronicle of ruin 3chronicle of ruin 2

“A real-time tactical Japanese-style RPG. Inspired by timeless classics such as Ogre Battle, Final Fantasy VI, and Final Fantasy Tactics, Chronicle of Ruin’s ultimate goal is to both pay homage to these all-time greats and push their formulas forward in new and interesting ways.”

“In Chronicle of Ruin, vigilance is the distant memory of a world unknowingly on the brink of the end. Centuries of chaos and strife have hastened it to this decisive moment, wherein one final push against its cracked foundation will send it all plummeting into the abyss.”

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Football Tactics

developed by Creoteam  |  Platform: Windows

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“A tactical football manager with turn-based matches and RPG elements. Take an amateur team and turn it to a team of the champions!

“Feel like a trainer: outsmart stronger opponents tactically, earn money and fame, develop your club, hire assistants, invest in the Youth Academy, get experience, train footballers, promote to Premier League, become an absolute champion.”

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Himeko Sutori

developed by Rockwell Games, pixel art by  Endymion Games, music by Kevin Won

himeko sutori house

himeko sutori chairhimeko sutori bookhimeko story himeko story nowhimeko sutori village

A JRPG in the vein of Final Fantasy Tactic and Tactics Ogre, but instead of controlling individual characters in battle, you control squads of heroes on a much larger battlefield.

Still in early development for PC, and will include the assets and code required for people to create their own campaigns using UDK.

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developed by Hydezeke.  

“A “simultaneous turn-based tactics RPG”. Players plan out multiple movements and attacks at once, and the turn is resolved at the same time as the enemy. The player must anticipate enemy actions in order to win.

At heart, though, Flamberge is mostly an RPG. Players will control many different characters with different abilities and strengths, and level those characters to add new traits and abilities.”

Recently released on Early access with pretty positive reviews, though it’s still early in development so naturally lacking a bit in content.

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