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developed by Pera Games

overfall indooroverfall grass
overfall wateroverfall inventory

“A fantasy role-playing game of rough diplomacy and tough action. Explore, negotiate, and fight your way across the high seas!

“You will lead two heroes on a journey across the high seas in search of their lost king. You will encounter people of all breeds and all creeds; ally with them or crush them without mercy. You will face many dangers; survive them and you may unlock new characters, weapons and skills. In a world where death is permanent, you must return to the beginning and make a fresh start.”

Just two days left on the Kickstarter!

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developed by Funtronic Labs

nova111 lightnova111 ligth2
nova111 darknova111 wood

“A quirky sci-fi turn-based adventure game with an innovative twist of real-time action! Explore alien worlds and combat fiendish alien creatures in your quest to restore the flow of time, all in the name of SCIENCE!

“Your mission: fix space-time and search out the scientists lost in the aftermath of the Universe’s Greatest Science Experiment. Aided only by your trusty (if somewhat sandwich-obsessed) guide, you must repair the temporal vortex!”

Releasing August 25th for PS4, PS3, Vita, Xbox One, WiiU, PC, Mac, and Linux.  Whew!

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developed by George Prosser

“Competitive cosmic archery.”

“A local multiplayer archery game where the main mechanic is gravity! My goal for this game is to make something that’s fun to play with friends (2-5 players), whilst being as juicy as possible. It was partly inspired by Worms, which I loved when I was younger.”

It’s currently out on itch.io and people seem to be really enjoying it.  Unfortunately, I must play alone. I am always the winner.  :(

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